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Extra PM2.5 (N95) Filters (for P2/N95 Respirator Masks) - Set of 5

Pocket Band

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Extra PM2.5 (N95) Filters (for P2/N95 Respirator Masks) - Set of 5

A bundle of five extra PM2.5 filters, specifically designed to filter out particles <2.5 microns in size. These filters are compatible with all types of N95 masks with a insertable sleeve, which includes the following products on Pocket Band: 

It is recommended that if you're using the filter every day, that you change it every 1 to 2 weeks.

What's Included 

5 x PM2.5 filters, compatible with the above masks. 
Note that the mask itself is not included. 

Important Note 

These filters are individually labelled in packets with Chinese text on them. Whilst evidently the original supplier for these filters was Chinese, we had stocked these from an Australian supplier (i.e. shipped from Melbourne to Melbourne) before the Wuhan Coronavirus was detected in China - because we had these in stock as part of the Australian bushfire incident, which coincidentally uses the same filters/masks. Therefore there is no risk that these filters will carry coronavirus. This may not be true for other suppliers on eBay or other stores, though typically coronavirus is only transmitted through close contact with infected persons or through respiratory secretions anyway.