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📱 Nano Liquid Screen Protector (Australia) - Special Offer, TODAY 35% OFF

Over 35% OFF to help kids impacted by cancer  

1. A study from Tech21 shows that 90% of people will drop their phones once a month, with 33% of people dropping their phones regularly.

2. The Nano Liquid Screen Protector uses an invisible liquid film to protect your iPhone or Samsung phone with 9H hardness (almost as hard as diamond)! Make your phone scratch-resistant.

3. CAMP QUALITY SALE - we're contributing 10% of the profits of this sale towards Camp Quality, an Australian charity that helps create positive memories for children with cancer who are in hospital or the home.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Nano Liquid - Single Item

Nano Liquid - 2 Bottles

Nano Liquid Bundle - 3 Bottles