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Bushfire Masks: P2 Masks/N95 Masks

With the recent bushfires hitting Australia, this has hit close to home, Pocket Band being an Australian company based in Melbourne. Smoke particles have been shown to be harmful to the respiratory system, having a direct link with an increased risk of lung cancer and exacerbating other respiratory problems like asthma or COPD. 

At the moment, there is a haze of smoke over Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and many rural towns within South East Australia. However, supplies of the proper masks which filter out smoke - called P2 Masks or N95 Masks - are in short supply from local suppliers like Bunnings Warehouse are running low. 

Therefore, although we don't typically sell healthcare equipment, Pocket Band is doing our part to attempt to help Australians get access to these masks as this health risk is genuinely significant. We've ordered some supplies from overseas and will be receiving them in stock soon.

10% of the profit from all purchases of N95 Masks/P2 Masks will go directly to the Bushfire Disaster Appeal run by the CFA (Country Fire Authority), to help out our fellow Australians. 

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